Instalove Book Club Featured Author Application
The Instalove Book Club is a newsletter promotion service run BY Instalove romance authors FOR Instalove romance readers. This service is aimed at creating a targeted newsletter promotion service geared specifically towards Instalove romance readers. If you would like to apply to be a featured author, please fill out this form.

Featured Author spots are limited to 12 per year. The featured author portion of the Instalove Book Club is NOT a paid service. You will not pay anything to be featured!

Featured author requirements are as follows:
1. Featured author will offer an exclusive free INSTALOVE ROMANCE during their month of feature (meaning the book cannot be offered for free anywhere else during the month, including in author's own newsletter), or will offer early access to a new title (at least 5K in length). It should be available for download by all Book Club subscribers (please do not set exclusions if you are requesting they join your mailing list to download).
2. What featured author does with their free or early access book AFTER the month of feature is up to them.
3. Featured author will provide a bonus scene, playlist, etc. to be sent during their featured month (2k maximum word count).
4. Featured author will share with their newsletter at least once during their month of feature.
5. Featured authors MUST write INSTALOVE romance. No exceptions.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of these guidelines, please email us at
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