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Transcript requests will be processed in 24-48 hours. If you have requested a printed transcript, please allow for 3 days for pick up. NOTE: We cannot email transcripts. Electronic transcripts are sent directly from our school to another using the transcript system. 
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If electronic- To which schools do you need the electronic transcript(s) sent? NOTE: We cannot email transcripts to schools, students, or parents. If you need a digital copy for your personal use, you will need to scan a printed copy of the transcript.
*Authorization statement:  I authorize Windermere High School (Orange County Public Schools) and all employees to release the information about my school records, all requested records, recommendations and transcript to the colleges, universities, organizations, military recruiters or individual(s) named on this form or in my application. I also authorize employees at these colleges to confidentially contact my current and former schools should they have questions about the information submitted on my behalf.  I understand that I have a right to review all records on my account and the right to a copy of the records to be forwarded to the receiving party prior to the release.  I have been informed that I have a right to contest any information contained in my record prior to the release.  I have verified with my counselor that my academic history is accurate as posted. I have shared this authorization statement with my parent or guardian and they are aware of these authorizations. *
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