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Query Hack is a query critique program launched by the iWriterly team where writers have the opportunity to submit their book queries and Twitter pitches for FREE feedback from an industry professional. As part of iWriterly’s mission to give back to the writing community and help writers achieve their publication goals, blogs and videos will be published periodically, critiquing individual queries or Twitter pitches and providing recommendations for areas of improvement.

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In order for your query to be considered for the critique, please fill out the form below.

Writers may submit only ONE query per manuscript for consideration for a critique. Duplicate queries will be deleted.

***Prior to submitting your query for critique, make sure to do your homework!***
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We will not post your name in the query critique. This is simply so we are aware who has submitted queries for critique.
If your query is chosen for critique on iWriterly (vs. as a written critique on Meg's website), do we have your consent to share the query (without your name) on the YouTube channel? *
What is the age group of your manuscript? *
What is the genre of your manuscript? *
*Note: Please don't simply say "fiction" if you have written a fiction manuscript. Be sure to identify what the genre is (fantasy, science fiction, etc.). If your manuscript is a genre-bender, include no more than two genres (example: fantasy with elements of historical fiction).
What is the word count of your manuscript? *
Please round up or down to the nearest thousand.
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Please copy and paste your full query here (including the metadata—age group, genre, and word count—in the appropriate place in the query itself). You do not need to include a to-line/name of the agent.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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