MediaFile 2021-2022 Staff Application
MediaFile is an independent, student-run publication. We're a media news and criticism website that tracks the rapid changes in media and journalism and how they affect the public. In an age with evolving definitions of "journalism" and "journalist," we must question how we cover and consume news media.

We're heading into our sixth year of operation and we're looking for staff reporters, multimedia producers, and more!

Check us out at and on Twitter @mediafiledc.

Who are we?

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Kohler
Deputy Editor: TBD
Politics Editor: Laragh Cronin
International Editor: Nicholas Pasion
Industry Editor: Niko LaMay
Opinions Editor: Anastasia Conley
Copy Editor: Emilie Megnien
Business Director: TBD
Communications Director: Samantha Millar

(scroll down for section descriptions!)

Q: Who should write for MediaFile?

A: Any student with an advanced understanding of and interest in news media. You do not need to know everything, and you do not need to be a Journalism student! We are looking for hard-working, devoted reporters who care about the future of journalism and media. No prior journalism experience necessary, but any writing and reporting is obviously recommended.

Have a unique background in media? Think you bring diversity in background, outlook, perspective, or in the way you consume news? You're precisely who we want to apply.

We can't wait to hear from you!

All the best,
The Team at MediaFile
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Our Sections
Politics // Domestic politics: The White House, U.S. Government, nationwide electoral politics. How are media covering U.S. government and politics, what are they doing, and why does it matter? We cover political news, keeping accountable those who are supposed to hold the powerful accountable. Where is political coverage strong, faltering, missing the mark, or uncovering the next Watergate or Panama Papers?

International // International media and U.S. foreign policy: U.S. Department of State, foreign media, foreign politics, state-controlled media. How do people outside the United States get their news and information? How do our actions and inactions at home affect those abroad, and how do media play a role? We're trotting the globe, with the media influencers that inform the majority of the world - non-Americans.

Industry // Includes our previous Business and Technology sections. News media, as an industry. How is journalism changing, and how do financial and business development decisions affect the way we get our news? We'll follow every step the industry takes, whether a billionaire buys a newspaper, a network reorganizes, a new medium is changing the game, or the news/advertiser relationship is wavering. We are also interested in the technology behind media ad journalism. Social media, data analytics, hardware and software, and what the nerds in Silicon Valley are conjuring in their new media factories. The media through which we consume news are changing. We're covering everything from the latest social media platform to fights over the broadcast spectrum to polling decisions to the infusion of data in journalism.

Opinions // Have an opinion? Of course you do. It's 2020, and everyone is a media critic. Apply to be a staff opinion writer, react and interact with our journalists, the industry at large and the news stories captivating the planet.

Podcast // Want to help produce our latest show, "Long Time, No See"? Join our podcast director as he interviews experts in politics, journalism and other fields on important stories that have fallen out of the media spotlight. With past topics ranging from Jamal Khashoggi to Space Force, you can join the team that helps edit and produce engaging episodes on some of the world's most consequential stories.
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