Haymarket Regional Food Pantry Volunteer Application Form
Dear Applicant:

Thank you for choosing to volunteer at the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry, Inc. Our volunteers are integral to the successful operation of the Food Pantry.

The Haymarket Regional Food Pantry provides supplemental food assistance to individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties. While serving primarily the Haymarket/Gainesville area, we do not have geographic restrictions on who may use the Food Pantry.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application, please feel free to contact the the Volunteer Coordinator, Laura at volunteer@haymarketfoodpantry.org. Unfortunately, we are temporarily suspending paper applications, and accepting only online volunteer applications.

Once processing of your application is complete, you will be contacted for orientation training. At the time of training applicants will be asked to sign their completed application. Volunteer applications by minors must be co-signed by a parent.

Once again, we thank you for your interest in the Food Pantry and in providing this invaluable service to our community.

Sincerely yours,

Eileen Smith
Program Director
Haymarket Regional Food Pantry, Inc.

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