Undergraduate Student Employee Hiring Form
The below information is needed in order to hire your undergraduate student worker. Please complete the form and select Submit. This form is to be completed by only the students Supervisor. Students MAY NOT complete and submit this form. Thank you!
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Student NetID or NDid number (9-digits): *
Student last name: *
Student first name: *
Job start date: *
Hourly pay rate (basic is $8.53; intermediate is $8.97; skilled is $9.40). If you aren't sure, just tell us how much experience this person has (it is their first job doing this task, second year, etc): *
How many hours per week will the student work? The maximum is 20 hrs/wk (with all of their campus jobs) during the academic year, and 40 hrs/wk (between all of their campus jobs) during the summer? *
Job title: *
Short job description: *
FOAP to charge salary (i.e. xxxxxx-35045-xxxxx-xxxxx). If you are not sure of the FOAP, email Shelly for assistance. [If this is a student working in a UG lab or in a class, list the lab or course number and we will have the FOAP.] *
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