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We're delighted you're thinking about playing tennis with us, kindly fill this easy (2 minutes) online form which can also be accessed via this link:

P.S. If you don't hear from us within 72, check your spam folders to see if it got stuck in e-mail purgatory.

Please put n/a if something is NOT APPLICABLE to you.

To make a donation for your course via Kindlink, you can change the automatic amount that comes up in green and ensure to GIFT AID your donation, non gift aided donations lead to a higher charge and you will be required to pay the the difference - copy and paste this link:

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Tennis2Be are a London based charity striving for equality in tennis. We make tennis inclusive and accessible to children, disabled players, young people, adults and the wider community.

Please find attached an easy form to be completed as a prerequisite of joining our tennis sessions. NEW JOINERS ARE WELCOME but will need to RSVP one week in advance for timely preparations. One registration form per adult player. All children can be entered on the 1(one) form.
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