Distribution Agreement for Crowdfunding Incubator.CoOp
incubator.coop is an exciting idea because
1. It's a new crowd-sourced way to build businesses and
2. Its building CoOp Businesses, which themselves are an exciting form of business right now

Why? Well, CoOps are set for a "Golden Age" with Platform CoOps (online communities) and the Community Owned Enterprises (local communities) already leading the charge.

This incubator will help more of these valuable, member-owned business to Form, Organise, Fund and ultimately Operate.

The success of such an incubator and any crowdfunding depends on momentum and clearly a crowd.

By becoming a Distributor your efforts in this respect are vitally important.


To help you keep your commitments - and - to help us with cultivating momentum, we ask you to take the time to complete this Distributor's Agreement.

1. You agree to provide 3x announcements to your “crowd” aka “community”, “readers”, “fans”, “customers” and “friends”.

2. Each announcement will endorse the crowdfunding campaign for Incubator.coop

3. You will send the endorsement to your crowd at minimum 3x times throughout the crowdfunding campaign September - October 2017.

4. You will use the appropriate medium(s) for this according to your purposes, but they should include a link directly to the Campaign Page.


Please send at 3x of these below times for maximum assistance
- At launch
- At 30% funding goal
- At 50% funding goal
- At 90% funding goal
- At half way through campaign
- 1-week prior to end of campaign
- 2-days prior to end of campaign
- End of campaign

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