WFUSD Internship Setting Application
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I. Contact Information
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Internship Mentor: *
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Mentor's Email Address: *
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II. Internship Context
In a short paragraph, please describe your ministry context for students who are unfamiliar with it. What would be important for a prospective ministry intern to know about your ministry setting?
Internship context description: *
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III. Internship Format
Students serve a minimum of 200 hours in their internship placements. Internships can be configured in one of two formats: part-time during the academic year (September through May), or full time (40 hours per week) during the summer, for a total 6-8 weeks.
In which format is your ministry setting most interested (check all that apply): *
IV. Internship Mentor/Supervisor Profile
Ordinarily, internship mentor/supervisors must have a minimum of two years of full-time professional experience in the field relevant to the internship placement.
Please describe your educational background as it pertains to your work and role as internship mentor/supervisor. *
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Please describe your professional experience as it is relevant to the role of internship mentor/supervisor, along with the number of years you have served in each role. *
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V. Internship Program Requirements
The main requirements of the internship program are as follows:

(1) Grant the student identity as a ministering person and allow her/him to explore a broad range of ministerial experiences under the School of Divinity's guidance, for a minimum of 200 hours (ca. 40 hours per week in the summer internship format or ca. 8-10 hours per week in the academic year format);

(2) Develop and use a Learning/Ministering Covenant to establish clear goals for the student, the mentor, and the setting;

(3) Participate in weekly one hour mentoring dialogues with the student and provide fair and constructive mid-term and final year evaluations;

(4) For new site mentors, meet individually with the Director of the Art of Ministry before the beginning of the summer or fall semester to determine interest in and suitability for an internship placement;

(5) Participate in an orientation event provided by the Art of Ministry Program (ordinarily scheduled in May and August) in the first year of a ministry site’s participation in the internship program, and once every three years a ministry site hosts a student intern;

(6) Comply with the legal requirements set out in this covenant.

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VI. Opportunities for Ministry Practice
Approved internship placements will provide opportunities for students to practice ministry leadership. “Ministry leadership” means that students will exercise an active role in imagining, planning, and implementing ministry work relevant to the internship setting. Shadowing and observing ministry leaders may be an important part of the student’s leadership training but will not alone be sufficient for the student’s leadership training. Similarly, a certain amount of office work is relevant to ministry leadership, but office work alone is not sufficient for the student’s leadership training.

Students can exercise leadership in a number of areas, depending on the type of ministry setting in which they are working. In congregational ministry placements, students can provide leadership in the areas of liturgy and worship, administration, pastoral care, religious education, mission and outreach, etc. In chaplaincy settings, students can provide leadership in the areas of pastoral care, liturgy and worship, program development and administration, institutional leadership, etc. In nonprofit ministry settings, students can provide leadership in the areas of administration, program development, fundraising, volunteer development, pastoral care, etc.

Please note that ONLY ONE student intern will ordinarily be assigned to a ministry setting each year.

Please describe AT LEAST THREE ministry leadership opportunities available to a student intern in your ministry setting: *
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It is important that student interns complete a minimum of 200 hours over the course of an academic year or a summer. Please explain how the opportunities you described in the question above will amount to a minimum of 200 hours of work over this time. If it is helpful, outline how many hours each week that the student will spend on the tasks described above. *
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Please note any days and times during the week when your organization would definitely need an intern to be present. (We want to avoid assigning interns to your setting who may have course meetings, family obligations, or other scheduling conflicts, at critical times.)
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VII. Summer Internship Placement Support
The Wake Forest School of Divinity Art of Ministry program offers students an opportunity to apply for $3500 grants, provided by the School of Divinity, to support 200-hour summer ministry internship placements in a 6-8 week, full-time format. Summer internship placements begin on May 15, June 1, or June 15, depending on the needs of partner organizations, and extend 6-8 weeks from the start date.

We are interested in creating partnerships with congregations and other local organizations to subsidize the cost of the $3500 stipend, at any level, from $500 to the full $3500, with the School of Divinity providing the balance.

Organizations that partner with the School of Divinity can create an advertisement for an internship position that will be included in the summer internship application, which goes to students in mid-January.

Organizations that cannot provide financial support for students are still eligible to participate in the summer internship program.

Is your community/organization interested in underwriting part or all of a summer $3500 stipend to support a summer internship placement? *
If your answer to the question above is "yes," how much could your community/organization contribute?
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VIII. Legal Covenants
(1) The organization named in the attached covenant will provide the program described in the covenant in return for Wake Forest University’s permitting students to participate in the organization’s activities.

(2) The program provided for the students will in all respects treat the students as the Organization’s own and not as agents of or acting on behalf of Wake Forest University. The named organization will comply with all laws and regulations relating to the activities of the students participating in the program. It will ensure that the students are covered by motor vehicle insurance and any other applicable insurance programs. The Organization will indemnify and hold Wake Forest University harmless from any liability or claim, including defense costs, relating to activities of the students undertaken in connection with programs of the named organization.

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IX. Mentor Training Sessions
In-person mentor training sessions for the part-time, academic year internship placements are typically offered the third or fourth Wednesday of May and the first two Wednesdays of August, usually on Wednesdays from 11 AM to 1 PM, with lunch provided, at the School of Divinity. All new internship mentors must attend at least one, three-hour mentor training session.

Online training modules for summer internship placements will be provided in April of each year and will need to be completed before the beginning of the summer internship placement.

Veteran mentors must participate in a training session once every four years.

Please indicate which training session you would prefer to attend. Exact dates will be determined annually: *
If you have already participated in a mentor training session, please indicate the date when you last participated:
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