Examining Racism in Tacoma: Part One
We're collecting some preliminary data to use in a larger project focused on race and racism in Tacoma. The goal is to shed light on questions and conversations that people are having behind closed doors.

All answers are 100% anonymous. Your email address will not be recorded, even if you're logged into Google. Please be as honest as possible.
What race do you identify with? *options pulled from US census
How do you typically vote?
Clear selection
In your opinion, how big of problem is racism in Tacoma?
Not at all
The most important problem we're facing
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How do you feel about the Black Lives Matter protests in Tacoma?
When it comes to interacting with people of a different race, what are you wondering but are too afraid to ask? What are you thinking but are too afraid to say?
How else do you feel inhibited because of your race?
What do you want to know about people of another race in Tacoma?
What do you want people of another race to know about you and your experiences in Tacoma?
Do you have any other feedback that we should consider in making a larger questionnaire?
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