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Mission: Understand if there is an appetite to use a web based service as a channel to search for the right therapist.

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If the process was easy, how so? *
If the process was not easy, what were the main challenge(s)? *
Would you find it useful for your search process if a therapist posted a short video of themselves explaining how a typical first session with them would look like? *
What other information would be useful to know about your potential therapist? For example therapists: -explaining their model of psychotherapy. It’s basic assumptions and beliefs about psychological disorders. It’s rationale for healing. Sliding scale fees, Etc *
9) Have you ever disliked your therapist? Be honest! *
9A) If not, what didn’t you like about them? *
9B) Did you stop going to therapy?
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Describe in one sentence how you would feel about using a web service that aims to use a data-driven, research based, compatibility match between yourself and a therapist. That takes into consideration your personal preferences as well as other psychological metrics. With the aim of personalising and educating your journey to receiving mental health support. *
Would you still be open to pursuing therapy if you matched with a therapist in another city? So you may have to travel to see them. (Possibly seeing them bi-annually for a two or three hour session). *
If not, why ? *
Or with a therapist in another country- so your therapy would have to take place online? (video calling) *
Did you know that the outcome for positive, productive therapy is directly correlated with the connection and relationship you have to your therapist? *
Did you also know that there are more than 100 different types of psychotherapy and your specific, personal needs will be better suited to some types more than others? *
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