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Green Corps
SSEO Design, Analytics, and Consulting for Holistic Sustainability
"Engineering Environmental and Social Justice"

Green Corps is a collaborative entity positioning ourselves as the only environmental and social justice organization focusing on high level Natural Resource Management, connecting organizations and resources on and off campuses to form the SSEO Design-Build engineering research and development platform for student career development, as well as bridging gaps in applied knowledge for Environmental and Social Justice through our workshops and SSEO fellowship.

Join the Revolution for Environmental and Social Justice!
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Green Corps Memberships:
• Green Corps Member - Open Membership, power in numbers, our members support the mission, take action, and stay informed!

• Representative Member- Join Representative Committees that advocate for Green Corps, and strive to be leaders in various areas of environmental and social justice.
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• SSEO Fellowship Member - Green Corps SSEO Training Program: Gain environmental innovation and technology hands on training in collaboration with industry professionals, build a Holistic Sustainability portfolio, and work toward green tech industry certifications.
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• Operations Team Member - Environmental and/or social justice industry professionals helping to create collaborative partnerships with Green Corps to empower the Holistic Sustainability Industry for our future.
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• Executive Board Member - Green Corps leaders developing and upholding the mission toward environmental and social justice!
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