Style Invitational Week 1517: Greatest-hits suggestions for next week (our last) 
The Style Invitational contest is going out of business next week with one last column: on Thursday morning, Dec. 8, online;  Sunday, Dec. 11, in The Post's Arts & Style section. 
      For that 1,518th Invite,  the Empress plans to fill the page with a variety of classic entries from our 30-year history.  Here's a chance to nominate your favorite contest or particular inking entry -- your own or someone else's.    But you need to send it soon -- no later than Monday night, Dec. 5  (Tuesday morning at the latest). 
   To refresh your memory, or just to enjoy poring over the archives, check out the Master Contest List at the Loser Community’s own website, There’s a drop-down menu for various contest categories, or just scroll or search the whole main list. If you know some words to search for in an entry, you can look in the All Invitational Text file on the same website (wait a few seconds for it to load). Or just describe it to me the best you can and I’ll probably figure out what the heck you had in mind. And the bonus joke contest: What to do with the 29 remaining little clown heads that won't become Clowning Achievement trophies. Winner gets one of the heads.
Feel free to add any comments, reminiscences, etc., here, but if you want someone besides the Empress to read them, send them to

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Suggest your favorite contests and/or entries here,  either your own or (better) others'.   Don't suggest anything that didn't get ink!  *
Optional:   What to do with the 29 clown heads? 
Optional this week, but I wish you would:  Tell me your name and email address.  
Any comments, venting,  last-minute complaints about the Empress's unfair treatment/cluelessness/general incompetence, put them here.   But if you want to vent to The Washington Post, email    My Post email address,, should work through December. 
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