Word Of The Year 2018 (#NHWOTY2018)
New Hope does something funny called Word of the Year (WOTY for short). At the beginning of each year, we encourage folks to prayerfully consider picking a growth word -- something they want to cooperate with God to grow in spiritually over the upcoming year. Could be a character quality, spiritual discipline, or something else. We ask them to get the honest input for their WOTY from those closest to them -- especially their spouse or best friends. Then those interested are invited to share their WOTY with each other.

New Hopers, we'd love to hear what you're thinking for your 2018 Word Of The Year (WOTY) so we can pray for fellow New Hopers and to encourage them along the way! If you'd like to share yours via this online form to be collected and displayed on our website, please fill out the questions below (only the first four are required, but the more info, the better).

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Sphere of Connection *
What's your main sphere of connection to New Hope Church?
Your 2018 WOTY *
Your personal growth Word Of The Year for 2018. This is a word that captures what you think God is wanting to grow you in (character, spiritually, etc) over this next year as He works to increasingly form you into the image of Christ.
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Scripture Passage / Focus Verse
If you have a verse or passage of Scripture you're focusing on or memorizing to go along with your WOTY, please let us know.
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Book / Resource
If there's a particular book or other resource you're planning to read or engage with to go along with your WOTY, please let us know.
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Your Rationale
If you're willing, please let us know why you picked this WOTY for 2018. What do you hope for?
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Optional. A Big, Hairy, Audacious, God-sized Goal. Something specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound you would love to see happen this year. Should be something God-sized so that if it happens, you'll know God did it. These BHAGGs work best when in the same theme as your WOTY.
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