Our goal is to highlight diverse and inclusive content and a diverse representation of our union on screen. 

*** Please ensure your videos can be accessed publicly by anyone with the link so our editor can use! Thx!***

Here's what we're looking for:

If you have video content that you have created that you think meets the following criteria, we would love to hear from you!

WHO: Teachers of all grades K-12 welcome to submit

WHAT: Content suited to appropriate grade band (K-3, 4-8, or  K-12 all ages), ideally programmable broadly related to a specific core or special academic subject


-- Technical quality: Well lit, please use your iPhone headset mic vs. talking into the iPhone mic where possible, don't talk too close or too far from iPhone mic if using only that

-- Please DO NOT include any title cards (our editors will do that for you)

-- Please DO NOT use music you do not have the rights to use

-- Reading books are okay as long as you attribute title and author!

-- No Logos, branding, promotions of any kind

-- Should focus on diversity and inclusivity, be mindful of privilege

If selected for use, you are granting CTU and its producers permission and the non-exclusive right to program it in our show, WE STILL TEACH, to be aired on broadcast and digital. You will retain the ownership of your content after it airs and as part of this form you will be asked to sign a participation agreement.

We will let you know if you have been selected for programming the day before your segment airs. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you!
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Topic or Video Title (Include any relevant attribution of title, author, non-original music, source cited)
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Has this specific video been created in the scope of your CPS employment? Please carefully review and check YES if ANY of the following apply: Shared with students on a CPS platform such as google classroom or your school's website; shared with students on any other non-CPS platform such as YouTube, Facebook, etc; otherwise created using CPS equipment and/or resources? Check NO if you created this specific video "off the clock", and did not yet share with your students on any platform. *
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