Thank you for your interest in SSE Angel Network.

SSE Angel Network has the objective of mentoring, supporting and investing in Startups in the South-South/South-East of Nigeria.

Joining SSEAN gives you a front row seat to discover early stage innovative businesses and support them just before they become commercially successful. This means getting good returns on investment while contributing to the development of the regions.

Network membership helps mitigate the risk associated with investing in very early stage startups. Members typically co-invest with each other - bringing their combined experience to bear in helping teams succeed faster. This also means you can spread your investment budget to achieve even better returns.

A typical SSEAN member is a non-politically exposed person. This is to preserve the integrity of the businesses and protect the investment of SSEAN members. Additionally, s/he must be someone with a traceable/disposable income. This is because the possibility of losing an angel investment is real and therefore, should not be viewed as a quick return scheme.

Members make commitment to attend meeting and ecosystem events.

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