Alaska Republican Party Collected Donations
APOC and FEC reporting requirements require timely reporting of all donations. Use this form to submit donations such as checks, cash, etc. so that it can be reported in a timely manner.

We are responsible to record donations based on when a member of a district or the state party receives the contribution. During election season the time frame to record donations becomes very narrow. Using this form will allow contributions to be recorded quickly before the physical checks arrive at the party office. has an excel version that can be used and emailed to If you do this, INCLUDE ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION! It takes significant amounts of time to track down information. It is the responsibility of the person collecting donations to collect the required information.

Donations made online don't need to be submitted using this form. They are automatically recorded.

Checks/ cash can be mailed to:
ARP (Treasurer)
P.O. Box 201049
Anchorage, AK 99520
Donation Information
Account *
Account/ District
First Name of Donor *
Last Name of Donor *
Address of Donor *
Street or P.O.Box
City of Donor *
State of Donor *
Zipcode of Donor *
Occupation *
Put retired or unemployed if that applies
Employer *
Put retired or unemployed if that applies
Amount *
Date Donation Collected *
Payment Methods
Checks - included check number in Notes.

In-kind - Include a clear description of what was donated in the Notes. "Auction item" isn't acceptable, but "Wine Gift Basket" is.

Cash - Donors are limited to $100 cash per year. Any amount above will be returned.

Credit Card - Only include if they filled out a donation card, it hasn't been processed, and you are sending it to the party.

Online Credit Card Donations - THESE DON'T NEED TO BE RECORDED. If someone donates using the party website, district donation page (Anedot) nothing else needs to be done. Don't submit the form with that information.
Payment Method *
Include Check # and In-kind information. Can optional description of what money was for. District Convention, Lincoln Day dinner, auction item etc.
Name and contact of the person submitting
Provide contact information of the person submitting the request. If submitting multiple during the same day it is only required that you fill this section out once.
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