Parent/Athlete Season 12 Code Of Conduct & Handbook Acknowledgment
Liberty Season 12 Code of Conduct & Handbook Acknowledgement
CODE OF CONDUCT A member must at all times be a strong representative of Liberty Cheer All-Stars & Tumbling LLC and a positive reflection of his/her teammates. Abusive behavior, lying, and or any other form of negative behavior are grounds for removal from this team. We will not tolerate comments about other teams and their programs. Let’s respect their teams, as we will get respect in return. Many of you communicate with other cheerleaders at various organizations through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please remember that anything you ever say is a direct reflection on Liberty. NOTE: If you are caught sending rude or inappropriate messages on SOCIAL MEDIA, you will be subject to immediate removal! In addition, you CANNOT use the Liberty Cheer name or any variation of our name in your E-mail address. If you currently have our name in any portion of your e-mail address, it must be changed! Teammates are expected to treat one another with mutual respect. They should treat and talk to one another in a manner in which they want to be spoken to. We do not tolerate pettiness, gossiping or cliques; which attempt to exclude or alienate certain members. Back talk, rolling of eyes and any other disrespect for instructors or teammates is unacceptable. After a warning, the team member will sit out of practice until the problem is solved. A problem between a student and staff member will first be addressed between the owners. If not solved, a parent will be notified of the problem or infraction of the rules and will be expected to assist the instructor in solving the problem. A parent should never reprimand or discipline someone else’s child. We will handle any disciplinary problems privately and professionally. Also, any parent that acts in a disrespectful nature to an athlete, coach or owner is subject to automatic removal from the Liberty program. We pride ourselves in being a group with good sportsmanship and not many teams but ONE GYM. This season will be our 12th year and we look forward to many blessings and great things happening. We will be very strict on this particular rule. If we hear of any gossip or bad mouthing another child and or parent it will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the program. We are ONE GYM, ONE FAMILY. Please understand that a parent’s behavior can cause an athletes dismissal. We check Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat and Facebook often. If we see anything negative we will screenshot it and send to the athlete’s parent. They will need to remove it immediately or they are removed from the program. Parents are not to withhold an athlete from practice because of bad grades or homework. We cannot practice affectively without the entire team at practice. We use the 24 hour rule. Please sit on a concern for 24 hours before contacting the coach or owner by email. After you do this if we need to schedule a conference we can. *
I have read and understand the Liberty Cheer Season 12, 2017-18 All Star Cheer Handbook.
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