Synthetic BRDF Dataset (SynBRDF)

Synthetic BRDF (SynBRDF) Dataset is a synthetic image datasets for researchers in the field of 3D scene reconstruction and surface reflectance analysis. The database was rendered in NVIDIA Corporation, 2701 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA (hereafter NVIDIA). NVIDIA makes the database publicly available solely for the purposes of research subject to the following restrictions.


User agrees to the following restrictions on use of videos and data from the NVIDIA Synthetic BRDF Dataset:
1. Usage: The SynBRDF Dataset is intended for research purposes only and may not be used for any commercial purposes. The SynBRDF Dataset is to be used only for research (development and testing) on algorithms for automated surface reconstruction and BRDF estimation.
2. Commercialization: The User will not promote or sell any part of the contents of the SynBRDF Dataset, or associated codes that used for utilizing SynBRDF dataset, either directly or indirectly. SynBRDF Dataset is distributed on a not-for-profit basis and the User agrees to make no for-profit use or commercialization of the database without the written permission from NVIDIA.
3. Duplication: The User is granted access to the database only for the purpose of their own internal research work. The User will not duplicate, share, publish, modify or copy the SynBRDF Dataset in any way, even with other research or development groups within User’s organization or company. The User will not publish digital copies of any part of the dataset on any digital recording medium, on any Internet web site or ftp site, or by email, without consent from NVIDIA.
4. Citations: All manuscripts that are submitted for publication to any publisher or journal or conference or other venue, or that are posted on any Internet website or ftp site or sent by email, and that use images or contain images from the SynBRDF Dataset, or that report on research results that made use of the videos or data within the SynBRDF Dataset, must make the following appropriate citation to the database.
K. Kim, J. Gu, S. Tyree, P. Molchanov, M. Nießner, J. Kautz, A Lightweight Approach for On-the-Fly Reflectance Estimation, In Proceeding of 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2017

    author = {Kihwan Kim and Jinwei Gu and Stephen Tyree and  Pavlo Molchanov and Matthias Nie{\ss}ner and Jan Kautz},
    title = {A Lightweight Approach for On-the-Fly Reflectance Estimation},
    booktitle = {IEEE ICCV},
    year = {2017},
5. Indemnification: NVIDIA gives no warranty as to the accuracy, identity, or verifiability of any of the image sequences or data within the SynBRDF Dataset. User agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless NVIDIA and its Board of Directors, officers, employees and agents, individually and collectively, from any and all losses, expenses, damages, demands and/or claims based upon any such injury or damage (real or alleged) and shall pay all damages, claims, judgments or expenses resulting from User’s use of the SynBRDF Dataset.
The User must abide by the provisions of this Participant Agreement or permission to use the images and data will be revoked. The SynBRDF Dataset will be made available to User via an Internet site revealed upon acceptance of this Participant agreement by the User. There will be no charge for data made available and downloaded via the Internet.


In the following we will ask your name and email address. Once we receive your request, we will send you the link for the dataset.  

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