Little Martian Demo - Feedback
Thank you for trying out the Little Martian demo. We hope you enjoyed helping Little Martian survive on the strange planet he's crash-landed on!

The demo is only a small part of the what we have planned for the full game, and we'd love to hear about your first experience of playing Little Martian.

Please use the form below to send us any feedback you have.

Thanks again for checking out Little Martian, we'd love to see you over on our Discord:
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How much did you enjoy playing the demo? *
I didn't really enjoy it! 😞
OMG, I loved it! 😍
Roughly how long have you spent playing the demo? *
Based on your experience, would you be interested in playing the full game? *
If you loved Little Martian, what would you say you enjoyed the most? *
If you didn't enjoy Little Martian, what was the main thing you didn't like?
How useful did you find the in-game speech hints provided by Little Martian? *
Completely useless! 👎
Super helpful! 👍
If there was one thing you could add to Little Martian, what would it be?
Finally, is there anything else you'd like to suggest?
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