Municipal Tech Coaching
Sustainable Pittsburgh and CONNECT are looking for tech-savvy volunteers we could match up with PA municipal governments having issues getting started with tech platforms never used before, in order to communicate with and engage their residents. These unprecedented times will have a steep learning curve for some municipal employees and elected officials!

While we don't have a firm sense of the demand for assistance yet, we are anticipating that a volunteer coach might spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours with one town, depending on the need and the coach's expertise.

These requests for assistance might look like:
- Doing a walk through of creating polls, live chats, etc. on Facebook,
- Training or directly assisting in the set up of an online or teleconferenced public meeting,
- Providing guidance on best practices for establishing an online registration process for municipal email or text notifications,
- Assisting with finding appropriate translation services,

Municipalities can submit a request via an online form. A Sustainable Pittsburgh or CONNECT staffer will be notified when a request is submitted. After reviewing the request, and potentially contacting the municipality for further details, the staffer will put the request out to the appropriate group of coaches who have expertise to match the need. Once a volunteer responds that they are able to help, the staffer will make the match between the coach and municipal representative.

Thank you for volunteering during these unprecedented times. If you have questions, please contact Jim Price at jprice@ or 412-259-5331
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