Radio Garden – Station submission
Add your radio station to the Radio Garden globe. Stations are usually added within a few days after being checked by our team of editors. When we have added the station, you will receive an e-mail with a direct link to it on the Radio Garden website.

Before submitting, please use our search feature to make sure your station is not already available:
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Submission Guidelines
The website and stream must be online 24/7.

The stream must be accessible from the radio station's website, so we can verify ownership.

The website must contain basic information about the station like a schedule and contact information.

The stream may be submitted in MP3, AAC, M3U or PLS format.
Note: We do not support M3U8, RTSP, OGG, YouTube or Soundcloud.

The stream must be available and licensed for listeners from all countries.

If the stream is running on a Shoutcast server, its version must be higher than 2.4.
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