DQ Co-Creator Seal Application Form
You are now applying for the DQ Co-Creator Seal. The DQ Co-Creator Seal endorses programs on digital literacy, skills and readiness (e.g. products, services, resources, and/or tools) that are aligned with one or more of the 24 digital competencies in the DQ Global Standards. The DQ Global Standards is becoming a key reference for building the next-generation global standards across the education and technology sectors in order to promote children’s digital literacy, as well as to support digital skills training for the global workforce.

Please review the DQ Global Standards to ensure your program’s alignment. You may find the report here: https://www.dqinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/DQGlobalStandardsReport2019.pdf.
Application Overview
You may choose to apply for the DQ Co-Creator Seal for multiple programs by your company. This application form allows for up to three programs. If you wish to apply for more than three programs under the same application, please contact partnership@dqinstitute.org for assistance.

By completing this application form, you consent to have your details shared with DQ Institute for review and evaluation.

Upon the completion of this application form, you will receive the DQ Adopter Mark, which may be displayed on your website or with the program that you're applying for. The DQ Adopter Mark represents your organization’s dedication to the alignment with the DQ Global Standards and indicates that you are in the process of seeking DQ Co-Creator accreditation.

For NGOs and start-ups that meet the criteria, this accreditation evaluation is free. Upon the submission of your application, we'll be in touch to request for more information on your organization.

For other companies, please note the cost of the DQ Co-Creator Seal is USD$5,000. When due diligence on your application has been completed and upon the approval for the accreditation of your program, we will contact you for the payment. The DQ Co-Creator Seal and the DQ Co-Creator Seal Report will be sent to you once the payment has been received.

Please also consider to be a DQ Seal Champion and support the DQ Co-Creator Seal cost(s) for NGOs and budding startups. For more details, see here: https://www.dqinstitute.org/dqseal/#contentblock4

Thank you in advance for your time and commitment to DQ Global Standards.
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