AgMC Sunday Services Registration (January 2021) 爱加倍卫理公会 主日实体现场崇拜登记报名(2021 年1月)
Dear worshippers,

The country has entered into Phase 3 of re-opening under COVID-19 conditions. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) has also further released guidelines for Religious Organisations (ROs) under this phase of re-opening. Of particular importance are the increase in numbers at religious activities, and the resumption of live-performance elements.

From Sunday, 10 January 2021, Agape Methodist Church (AgMC) will increase its Sunday Service capacity to 100 persons for each service, as well as re-open Hall 1 for congregations (segregated into two zones). Hall 3 will be closed. Service timings remain the same (Mandarin Service at 9am and English Service at 11am), and online livestreams will continue. Holy Communion will be celebrated weekly at Hall 1, during each service.

Worshippers returning for onsite worship services must continue to register for services via this online form ONLY. Worshippers are also reminded to maintain the necessary safe distance from others at all times. Entry to The Agape building will only be via the TraceTogether App or TraceTogether Token. Worshippers are also requested to always follow the directions of ushers.

Children Ministry will resume weekly onsite sessions from Sunday, 7 February 2021, at Hall 2. Youth Ministry will continue to meet online. Youths are also encouraged to attend onsite YM fellowship sessions at Hall 1 from 12.30pm to 1.30pm once a month (dates will be made available monthly). More information on the increase to the number of these onsite sessions will be made available soon.

Thank you,
AgMC Pastoral Team


我国目前已经进入COVID-19疫情阻隔措施的第三阶段。 另外,新加坡文化、社区及青年部(MCCY) 也发布了宗教组织 (ROs)在这个阶段里,重新开放的指导方针。 特为重要的是,人数的增加,和在宗教场地举行现场的歌唱呈现。

从2021年1月10日,星期天开始,爱加倍卫理公会主日崇拜,英文部和华语部,各将增加人数到100人。除此,崇拜会将会在爱加倍坊第一厅进行,崇拜者会被分开在二个区域。 因此,第三厅将停止使用。 崇拜会时间依旧 (华语聚会早上9:00, 英语聚会早上11:00),并且网上直播将继续。 每周圣餐将在第一厅,在崇拜会时进行。

回爱加倍坊实体崇拜的人,必须继续在网上预先报名。在此也提醒崇拜者时刻彼此的保持安全距离。 进入爱加倍坊时必须使用《合力追踪》程序或便携器扫描登记。也敬请崇拜者跟随招待员的指示。

儿童部将在2021年2月7日星期天,开始实体崇拜,地点是第二厅。 青年部将继续在网上见面。教会鼓励青年会友参加每月一次的青年团契,地点是第一厅,下午12:30到1:30。确定的日期。以及有关实体团契人数增加的信息,近期会再通知。

爱加倍卫理公会 教牧团队
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