Georgia Campaign Job Application
Thank you for your interest in working to support Stacey Abrams for Governor, Sarah Riggs Amico for Lieutenant Governor and Democrats throughout Georgia this cycle. We are excited by the interest in our vision for Georgia. We will be hiring in the coming days, weeks and months. All jobs are based in the state of Georgia. All interested applicants should complete this entire application as the first part of the hiring process. We will be in touch with you if we are interested in moving forward with your application. No calls please. Thank you!
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Have you volunteered or interned with Abrams for Governor or other Democrats in Georgia in the past year? *
If yes, please tell share the relevant details of when you were involved, which campaigns, party and/or candidate, and who your point of contact was.
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Our campaign is committed to working with Georgians from various communities across the state to create a winning coalition. Please tell us specifically what experience you have working across diverse constituencies and communities. *
Do you have relevant experience working in the South? *
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Please tell us how you stay grounded and focused in high intensity, fast moving jobs? *
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