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2019 國際鐵人三項交通接駁預約單 2019 International Triathlon Traffic Pick-up Reservation Form
台東大都會計程車隊與Challenge Taiwan 大會延續配合多年的合作默契成為大會官方特約計程車,
本車隊先在此預祝各位選手 馬到成功~~~ 順利完賽~~~
*** 即時乘車需求:旅客服務中心(車站、機場),大會現場接駁車停等處。
*** 客服專線:大都會衛星車隊東部分公司 孫主任 0980-663103

Dear players, hello!
The Taitung DaDuHui Taxi Team and Challenge Taiwan have continued to cooperate with each other for many years to become the official special taxi for the conference.
And fully cooperate with the conference to further improve the transportation service, the team will do their best to provide you with better and more convenient car service.
Please players will fill in the following form for your pick-up needs, we will send Services Commissioner to contact you.
I wish you all the best players..... Successfully finished ~~~ create new achievements~~~
*** Instant ride demand: Tourist Service Center (Station, Airport), on-site shuttle bus stop.
*** Service Line: Taitung DaDuHui Taxi Team. Director Sun . +886 980663103

乘車日期 (By taxi date) *
乘車時間 (By taxi Time) *
乘車起點 ( Start place ) *
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乘車終點 (End place) *
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姓名 (Name) *
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電話 (Phone)---國際碼(International Code) *
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通訊軟體ID(Communication software ID)---Email、LINE、WeChat、WhatsApp、Facebook *
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人數 (Number of people) *
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行李數 (Number of bags or trunks)---大小(Size)、種類(Kind) *
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自行車數 (Number of bicycles)---是否有車箱、袋( Have a bag or box or no) *
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共乘車 (Do you need a shared Taxi) *
備註 (Any question )
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