Regal Characters New Performer Application
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If given the option, which characters would you most want to portray? *
What is your experience with children like? *
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Do you want to be a part of the Regal Characters family and not just an employee? *
Which cosplay costumes do you own?
As a professional cosplayer, you will be required to have an under-study ready to step in and take your place in the rare case you are unable to work an event you have agreed to work. If you do not work the event or provide an approved understudy, you understand you are responsible for reimbursing the client's deposit for your services. *
We had a legal issue with a past member of management in SLC. The person involved is Sarah Alysse-Estrada, she is now the owner of Characters and Crowns. In 2019, Sarah stole our private client information, our performance gear, and is now consistently stalking our company and performers in order to increase her financial revenue. Her behavior violates our code of ethics as a Regal family and has thus caused us to enforce a no-work policy with our Regal SLC team. By agreeing to work for our company you agree that you will not accept independent contractor work from Characters and Crowns or Sarah Alysse-Estrada. *
Send a smiling selfie in good lighting as well as a full-body photo to the owner at to complete this application. Please also send photos of you in any professional cosplay costumes you own.
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