BSG Trading Post
Looking to cull your collection? Need some extra cash? Have some games that never get played and willing to part with them on a trade? Use the following form to submit a "post" of what you are looking to buy/sell/trade. All posts will be added to the TRADING POST members area with contact information
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What are you looking to do? Please add each line in the following format: TYPE (Pick Buy, Sell, or Trade) - Game Title - Price (if selling, provide a price that you are willing to part with it OR if trading, what game you are looking for in return) EX: SELL - King of Tokyo - $15 or TRADE - King of Tokyo - looking for King of New York *
When would you like for this ad to be REMOVED from the trading post? Posts that are older than 6 months will be removed automatically OR at the completion of your transaction, PLEASE contact a club officer so that your post can be removed. *
By checking the following box below, you agree that the club officers have the right to post or remove your ad at their discretion. Note that your contact information will be viewable by other club members only through the members section of the website. You are also agreeing that the games that are being sold or traded are YOUR property and not stolen. If it is found that games being sold are not yours to sell, disciplinary action (possibly legal) will be processed as well as removal from the club. *
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