2019 Woodford County Schools Kindergarten Early Entry Application
Woodford County Schools works to serve the needs of students in the community beginning with ensuring students are provided the best foundation for success. To be eligible for Early Entry, with early entry being defined as a student who does not meet the age requirements as designated in KRS (5 years old on or before August 1 or entry year), a student must meet the following guidelines and follow the process described:
1) Student must turn 5 on or before December 31 of the Kindergarten Entry Year.
2) Application submitted expressing desire to be screened for Early Entry prior to June 1 preceding the year of entry. (COMPLETING THE FOLLOWING FORM COMPLETES THIS STEP)
3) Demonstrate general academic readiness through meeting the criteria of “Kindergarten Ready” on academic measures using the BRIGANCE© kindergarten screen.
4) Score in the 90th percentile or above on all 5 areas of the Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning™, Fourth Edition. (DIAL™-4 five areas: Concepts; Motor; Language; Self-Help; Social-Emotional)
5) Guardians complete a conference with district official to ensure full awareness of all known factors related to the guardian decision to pursue early entry.

*Parents will be contacted to schedule an appointment during the Early Entry Spring Screening window(s).

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List the preschools or other child care programs attended. Include the age when attended and duration of day (Section may be left blank).
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Parent Checklist *
This checklist will help to determine your child’s readiness to enter school at an early age. Please read each statement and indicate your child’s abilities as listed below by checking the appropriate column. Not all characteristics are age appropriate nor required for early entry, this checklist serves to provide information to help collaboration and informed decision making to best meet the needs of your child.
None of the Time
Performs self-help tasks independently (dressing, undressing, zipping, and tying).
Uses eye/hand coordination to perform fine motor tasks (drawing, writing, and cutting).
Uses balance and control to perform large motor task (walking, jumping, and skipping).
Shows eagerness to learn (curious and asks interesting questions).
Follows rules and routines (cleans up his/her toys).
Handles well change and transition (getting ready to go somewhere).
Interacts and plays well with other children (plays board games with others).
Listens for meaning in stories, discussions, and conversations.
Speaks clearly to share ideas and thoughts.
Can identify all letters.
Can sound out sight words phonetically.
Uses letters to write words.
Writes full name.
Can recognize numbers 0-20 and use them in context.
Can read number words and count forward to 30.
Can recognize and extend simple patterns (circle-triangle, circle-triangle, circle-triangle).
Can recognize and describe shapes.
Recognizes self and others as having same and different characteristics.
Describes roles and responsibilities of people. (Firefighters put out fires).
Recognizes the reasons for rules.
In what types of activities does your child participate and can he/she focus for an extended period of time? *
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Why do you feel your child should be considered for early admission to kindergarten? *
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