KAWAIICON 2019 - Call For Presentations
Hello thar!

So, you're submitting a CFP reponse, huh? Awesome!

You will notice things are a bit different than the Kiwicon CFP. No calls for training, no calls for entertainment acts. Just dang heckin' great presentations.

We want to see submissions from everyone. So if you're new, that's cool! Rad, even! If you're not new - well, we guess you know what you're doing, so just submit. We might ask for links to your past talks, so be prepared!

We want to get speakers from around NZ, from Aussie, and maybe even from across the globe, from all the different areas of infosec. That includes those of you who are currently wibbling about whether or not your submission really counts (protip: it does!).

Not sure about your submission? You can email us at kiwicon@kiwicon.org but we are probably going to tell you to just submit. Please don't submit multiple talks - only your best one, and no metlstorm fanfic.

We are a community run conference, so we are generally broke af. We can't pay for everyone's travel and accommodation, but we will have some sponsorship, and will do our best to get you here if you need help. Our green room was voted better than Def Leppard's and we have reclining chairs and blankets for your snoozicidal tendencies. Probably also tiaras!

Have you really read this far? Submit already! Stop us from using so many exclamation marks!
<3 and \m/,
kawaii crue

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Maximum talk time is 45 mins - we can't do Q&A in our venue. If you have 15 mins worth of content, just put 15 mins and don't pad it out.
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Kawaiicon does not pay honorarium. We also can't pay for everyone's travel expenses. If you are going to need travel money, then let us know (in the last question). We need you to accept that we make no guarantees for money.
Travel Letter
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