Tawny's Review Crew Application
Review Crew requirements:
Must review on Amazon and Goodreads, although reviews at other places are very welcome as well (blog, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, review site, etc)
Must be able to use Google Sheet to track reviews, make requests, etc
Books are provided in digital format, so must be comfortable reading in mobi, epub or pdf
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Do you review on Amazon? Under what name? *
Do you review on Goodreads? Under what name? *
What other places would you post reviews? B&N, iBooks, reader blogs, etc? *
Social Media Links (ie: Facebook Page / Twitter link / Goodreads name, etc) *
Preferred Review format (pdf/epub/mobi)? *
Thank you! Your application will be reviewed asap. We operate out of a yahoo email group, where books are offered, discussions are had and fun is enjoyed. Watch for an email inviting you to join the team. In case it ends up in your spam box, the url to join is: tawnyssweethearts-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (admittance subject to application review, of course)
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