NWSC 2018 Low Income and Fee Assistance Request
Please complete if you are requesting the low income discount, or will need additional financial assistance.

Adult: $660 ($133 day rate)
Teen: $410 ($90 day rate)
Child: $360 ($85 day rate)

Please note that camp costs (for food, rent, staff discounts, etc.) come to $590 for each attendee.


A separate form should be filled out for each person needing fee assistance, including children. After you submit the first, you will be asked if you want to submit another form. If not, then you are finished.

Please include any information that you feel would help the Fee Assistance Committee understand your need, such as a description of the parameters of current life circumstances, a financial picture, yearly income, medical expenses, or other areas.

Double Karma Yoga - Karma Yoga is a time dedicated toward service for the whole camp community. This is a sacred time that is shared by all. A standard Karma Yoga time slot is about six hours, typically in three two-hour shifts, or an hour a day for six days. By opting for a second Karma Yoga shift, you will receive a $125 discount toward your camp fee. PLEASE NOTE: Double Karma Yoga slots are generally reserved for kitchen shifts only.

Karma Yoga “buyout” - if you cannot physically do karma yoga, and need financial assistance to “buy out”.

Work Trade - For work trade options, please contact Camp Manager Mary Hansel.

Timeline - We will respond to requests on a rolling timeline, please apply early to ensure the best chance of receiving assistance. We cannot accept requests past July 31st.

Please contact us if you have any questions. nwsc-fee@nwsuficamp.org

Thank you,

Your 2018 Fee Assistance Committee: Alima and Wakil

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Low Income automatically reduces your cost to $560 for the full week or, $100 day rate.
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Are you requesting the Mahbuda Borden Scholarship?
Please note that this is a full scholarship, reserved for a person who would ordinarily not be able to attend NWSC.
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