2021 MainPower North Canterbury Sports Awards Nominations
Relevant Consideration Period - 1st September 2019 - 31st August 2021
Nominations Close: 5pm Friday 17th September 2021
Winners announced at Sports Awards Gala Dinner: Friday 29th October 2021
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Condition of Nomination for MainPower North Canterbury Sports Awards
1. It shall be the duty of a Special Selection Panel to select the overall winner or winners in each category from nominations received from clubs, associations and the public. The panel may, at its discretion, seek further nominations of persons who, in the opinion of the Special Selection Panel, are deserving of consideration for the award.

2. Nominations will be accepted based on the following criteria…

a. North Canterbury Club Affiliation: Any individual or team affiliated with a North Canterbury based sports club or association is eligible to be nominated. Affiliation can include paid membership, coaching or administration role in the club (even if not a paid member as such), or officiating in a NC-based or cooperative competition that includes NC-based teams. In this situation nominees do not need to reside in North Canterbury.

b. North Canterbury Residency: Individuals living in North Canterbury or teams made up of predominantly North Canterbury residents are eligible for nomination. This includes residents who play their sport outside of NC because it is either not available locally or there is not the same high level of competition available with local clubs.
i. Newer North Canterbury residents (less than 3 years) will need to be affiliated with a local club as described above to be eligible for nomination (this criteria does not apply to individual members of a North Canterbury team). Residency criteria is not sufficient for less than 3 year's residency in North Canterbury.
ii. Nominations will NOT be accepted from North Canterbury residents who choose to play for a club based outside of the region when a local club offers a similar level of competition.

c. Elite Athletes with North Canterbury Connection: In some circumstances individuals must leave North Canterbury to pursue their elite sporting goals. This may mean playing for other clubs if North Canterbury clubs or competitions do not provide a high enough standard, taking up a sporting scholarship through a school or university, or moving to a high-performance training centre in another part of NZ. In these situations, this person is still able to be nominated for the North Canterbury Sports Awards providing they maintain a strong connection to North Canterbury, generally through family residency.

NOTE 1: there is some flexibility within the above criteria and discretion will be applied on a case by case basis when assessing nominations. The Special Selection Panel will make the final decision on whether an individual or team is eligible for these awards and if there is any uncertainly we will contact the nominator to seek additional information.

NOTE 2: North Canterbury area is from the Conway River, south to the Waimakariri River and west to Oxford, and encompasses the districts of Kaikoura, Hurunui & Waimakariri.

3. Age restrictions: Nominees for Junior Sportsman / Junior Sportswoman must be 14 years or older and under 21 years on the last day of the relevant consideration period. For Sports Team nominations, all team members must be 15 years or older as at the last day of the relevant consideration period.

4. For Sportsman/Sportswomen nominations, although there is no age restriction, the nominated person must have received their nomination through participation in “open” competition.

5. The Special Selection Panel has the discretion to make judgement on the conditions of nomination. The decision of the Special Selection Panel shall be final.

6. If nominee is selected as a finalist in a Sports Award category the North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust will request a good quality electronic photograph of the nominee (head and shoulders, team or club representative photo) or will request an opportunity to take a suitable photograph.


ATHLETE WITH A DISABILITY: This category is open to athletes who have an identified physical, sensory or intellectual disability that is recognised by any one of Parafed NZ; Special Olympic Movement; NZ Deaf Sport Association; or NZ Blind Sports Association and have excelled in their sport. The judges reserve the right to have the final say in the eligibility of the person nominated.

SERVICE TO SPORT: Nominees in this category can be nominated for involvement in more than one sport, but contributions will only be considered for any period the nominee was residing or serving in the North Canterbury area. This category will also take into account long-term service.

SPORTS CLUB OR ASSOCIATION OF THE YEAR: This includes any club or sports administrative organisation principally run by volunteers with the purpose of facilitating and growing sport within a restricted area or across the whole North Canterbury Community.

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