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Front end data
Components and modules
Progressive enhancement
Breakout: Security
Breakout: Using serviceworker
Breakout: Network ops
Breakout: Accessibility of web components
Breakout: Front end data
Breakout: ES6 patterns
Breakout: Polyfills
Breakout: Prog Enhancement
Breakout: Installing web apps
Breakout: Components
Breakout: SASS and CSS patterns
Breakout: data driven perf
Breakout: interoperability
Who were the stand out contributors on the day?
Tell us who you felt made the best contribution, whether it was raising a use case, asking a question, or providing an answer.  Nominate as many people as you like, and tell us why they were so good.
What topics should we cover next time?
Who do you want to see on the panel next time?
Would you come again?
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