Haas Scholars 2019-2020 Application; deadline 2/20/19 NOON
This is the application form for the 2019-2020 Haas Scholars Program. While at first glance it may seem daunting, remember that I am here for you to help you at every step of the way (Leah Carroll, haas_scholars@berkeley.edu). We recommend that before you begin, you read the description of program benefits on this page -- http://hsp.berkeley.edu/about-program -- and program timeline, eligibility, commitments, and instructions/tips for applying on the different tabs under the "apply" heading on the Haas Scholars web site, hsp.berkeley.edu. After you've read the info on the web site, please contact us at haas_scholars@berkeley.edu, 643-5374 or 2414 Dwinelle Hall, if you have questions about the program or the application, or would like guidance on the application process. It is recommended that all applicants meet with Leah Carroll, the program manager/advisor, when they first decide to apply, and also once they have drafts to show.

To submit all required documents for this application, you MUST send each file, in the same email with the subject line “LastName First Name Haas Scholars Application Documents” to haas_scholars@berkeley.edu. The email must be sent by NOON on February 20th. Each document file must be titled in this format: “ Document#LastNameFirstInitialTypeofDocument” (e.g. “4McCarthyHBudget”, “1McCarthyHUCBerkeleyTranscript”, “6McCarthyHSupportLetterA”)

Below is a list of all necessary documents that must be included in this email. The application will also remind you to email each document at the end of its relevant section and give more detailed instructions. Your application cannot be considered without all of these corresponding documents, so make sure they are all attached in the SAME email IN THIS ORDER, labeled correctly, and sent by the application deadline (more specific instructions for each document appear in the appropriate place in the application, below):

• 1. Unofficial transcript from Cal
• 2. Transcripts from non-UC Berkeley institutions (if applicable)
• 3. Project Proposal
• 4. Budget Proposal
• 5. Human subjects documentation (if applicable)
• 6. Optional support letter 1 (if applicable)
• 7. Optional support letter 2 (if applicable)
• 8. Optional support letter 3 (if applicable)
• 9. Creative Sample (if applicable)

Although this application does not have a "save your work" feature, strictly speaking, if you submit at the end of each work session, it will save your work you will be able to edit your submission until the deadline, when we will turn off that feature. Therefore, make sure you put something, even one letter, in each field, go to the end and press the "submit" button each time you have finished a work session. Then use the link you'll receive via email to go back in and edit your responses in your next work session.

Any new work done before pressing submit will be lost if you backspace or log out so.... don't backspace, and submit early and often! Just make sure you've replaced all your "filler" fields with real ones before the deadline!

This is just our second year using this application technology -- please let us know if you see something that needs fixing.

Good luck!
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