Greenlight Award Midway Check-In Report 2020-2021
You are on your way to being a Changemaker! Please give us an update as to how your project is going by mid-February, 2021. You have only about 6 more weeks to carry out your project between now and when you need to submit your Final Project Report in early April in preparation for the Finals in mid-April.

Remember to consult the criteria the judges will use for scoring your final presentation.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR ANSWERS SHORT!!!! This is just an update for us to see if your project is progressing or has changed significantly since Round One and to see if you need additional help from us.
TEAM. List all active team members (first and last names as they will appear in final program) *
CONTACT. Email address for primary team contact *
GREEN IDEA. What does your project inspire or cause to benefit the environment? *
By which specific community? *
SOLUTION. How does this action address an environmental problem? *
STRATEGY. What is your main strategy? (strategy can be positive peer pressure to do the right thing, incentivizing green behavior, making behavior easier, inventing a new way to do something, raising awareness, etc.) *
COURSE OF ACTION. What have you already done to carry out that strategy? *
Have you created or done something original or something that has not been done in the target community? *
What do have left to accomplish in the next 6 weeks? *
RESULTS. How are you tracking metrics to show your impact? How are you going to evaluate potential long-term impact of your efforts? *
Are you tracking any results you have caused besides behavior change? (for example, lbs of waste diverted, number of attendees at event, number of likes of social media post, etc.) *
BUDGET. How much of your budget have you used so far? *
How much more of your budget do you plan to use by the Finals? *
RESOURCES. In addition to using your budget, what other resources have you used? Have you received donations, worked with other groups, met with stakeholders, met with community experts for advice, used volunteers or done research? *
EXPERTISE. Do you want us to connect you with any other community experts or do you need any other support to move your project forward?
SCORE CRITERIA. Have you reviewed the criteria by which you will be scored and understand how to pre-score extra points? *
QUESTIONS. Any questions?
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