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In this competition, you will be building a robot in teams of 1 to 3 people. The aim of your robot will be to solve a maze as fast as possible, fully autonomously!

The competition will be on the 4th of May, so be sure to set that date in your calendar! You can add the RSA calendar to your own through (Google Calendar) or (Apple Calendar or other).

Over the course of the year, we are holding a few workshops which will help you build your robot:
- A CAD Workshop on the 19th of January where you can learn to design your robot in CAD software;
- An algorithms workshop on the 23rd of February where you'll learn about how to make the algorithm to explore and solve the maze;
- A PCB workshop on the 7th of March (date is not definitive) where you can design a PCB for your robot;
- An Arduino workshop at the end of March, when you have received the PCBs you designed, to assemble your robot and program it;
- A practice day around the end of April where you can get your robots ready for the big competition!

We will ensure that you can get a working robot by just attending the workshops and spending a total of 5-10 hours over the whole year, so you don't need much free time to participate! 
For funding, you will be able to do get some budget through RSA Work if you are an RSA member. This includes, for example, doing the catering for RoboCafes or other events for 2-3 hours, and usually gets you around 75€ for your team. You can also spend your own money, but there is a cap of 150€ per team for all spending.

For the exact rules of the competition and restrictions for the robots, please see (note that they may change).
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The competition is free for members of the Robotics Student Association (RSA), and it only costs 20€ per year to join! We also provide opportunities to get funding for your team, only for RSA members.
If you don't want to become a member, you can still join the competition for 10€.
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