Book Dash: Distribution Partner Application Form
In order for your organisation to be considered as a distribution partner for Book Dash books, we need some information from you to ensure that our goals align. This sign-up form is a way for us to identify potential distribution partners with whom we can forge impactful long-term relationships.

We are looking for long-term distribution partners (instead of making once-off donations) because we promote book ownership: our vision is that every child should own one hundred books by the age of 5. Our vision is based on research that shows the positive impact that owning books can make on a child's lifelong prospects. In order to achieve this, we are looking for partner organisations who support our goal of book ownership.

We would like to make ongoing donations to our partners, provided that at least 90% of the books that we donate to any organisation are given to the children to take home and own, and provided that we receive the required feedback and evidence. Children must own many books for them to flourish!

Other than your focus on book ownership, factors that we consider when evaluating applications are:

- you have to be a registered NPO /PBO
- the age group of the children you work with (our books are intended for 0 - 5)
- the strength of the existing literacy activities in your organisation
- parent-caregiver training or involvement in the programmes you offer
- the reputation of your organisation
- existing funding base of our organisation
- the location of your organisation (we prioritise organisations working in remote and under-resourced areas)
- whether you operate in South Africa.

In addition, we will be guided by your ongoing level of engagement and feedback after the first book donation.

The fact that you have completed this form is not a guarantee that you will become a distribution partner and receive books. We will inform you if and when we have appropriate books available to donate.

If you would just like to purchase books from Book Dash, please email for a stocklist.
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From time to time we organise "Collaborative Print Runs" where we print a selection of Book Dash books and offer pre-orders to our partners for R10/copy (minimum 100 copies).
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