Mentorship Award in Honor of Carolyn Starman Hessel
This award seeks to recognize individuals in the publishing industry and Jewish communal professional world who have significantly influenced and promoted the work of contemporary Jewish writers.

Inspired by the ongoing legacy of Carolyn Starman Hessel this new award honors recipients each year at the National Jewish Book Award gala dinner. The award is open to individuals employed in traditional publishing or working independently as editors, agents, publicists, publishers, literary critics and have exhibited substantial engagement with Jewish authors. The goal of this award is to recognize those who nurture and mentor Jewish authors through the many steps toward publications and beyond.

Nominations will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

As you move through the application you will be asked the following questions:

*Nominee contact information (email, phone, current city)
*Nominee's CV can be emailed after this form is complete
*A short description of the nominee's career
*Why you believe this person deserves the Award. You will be asked to describe their impact on the work and career of contemporary Jewish writers.
*You will be asked to list the names of authors who have been impacted by the nominee. When possible, please include email address and phone number next to their name. They may be contacted for additional information or testimonials.
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