Solcrypto Data-logger
The Solcrypto Data-logger is based on a Linux OS and will be easily compatible with other IoT devices as part of a full stack design. We would like to gather some feedback from you in order to gauge interest in alpha testing of the data-logger from February March 2018.

The first 10 signups get free testing in the alpha phase (not including postage and handling). After that we will contact you about your possible participation.

*Update 31st Jan 2018. We have had an overwhelming response and no have about 50 requests and have a backlog for the alpha test for Q1 and Q2 2018.

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How the Data-logger could work in the Alpha phase.
The data-logger is designed to work together with a SolarCoin full node on 2 x Single Board computers for Know-Your-Device (KYD) and an additional chip for Know-Your-Energy (KYE). So it will have an option to connect to an open source full node. We will also include instructions on how to set this up.

The data will be logged by the data-logger about your houses/power-plants solar energy production (kWh) and this will send a message directly to the SolarCoin blockchain each day (one-time per day) and will cost 0.0001 SLR (Tx Fee). Then Solcrypto will use our own software to look at your logged production on the SolarCoin blockchain and use that information and aggregate it about your account. Then we will send these requests to the SolarCoin Foundation via our own private methods.

The SolarCoin Foundation will then send you SolarCoin to the same SolarCoin address that logged your house or installations solar energy production.

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