Madison Festivals, Inc. is accepting applications for the 2019 Taste of Madison scheduled for Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st on Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin. Taste of Madison showcases the best of Madison's many restaurants while offering free entertainment on a variety of music stages. Taste of Madison is also proud to support over 50 local non-profits with charitable donations from the event.

*This is ONLY an application. Full paperwork will be provided to accepted vendors after they have been accepted.

Madison's Capitol Square

Saturday, August 31: 2:00pm-8:30pm
Sunday, September 1: 11:00am-7:00pm

- Tuesday, April 30 @ 12:00 Noon
- Applications due
- $300.00 deposit due with application

- Tuesday, May 7
- Madison Festivals will notify applicants of selection status by this date and send out final registration paperwork

- Tuesday, June 25 @ 5:00pm
- All restaurant contracts and related materials must be submitted
- All booth fees MUST BE PAID IN FULL
- Vendors not meeting June 25th deadline may forfeit booth space and security deposit

-Tuesday, July 9 @ 11am-2pm (check in at a time that works best for you)
- Participants that miss this meeting will forfeit booth space
- Participants that miss this meeting will forfeit security deposit

*Please note that you are NOT guaranteed space directly behind your booth. Please plan accordingly.


1. Vendors must be a restaurant, food cart or caterer
2. Vendors' business must be in Dane, Columbia, Dodge, Jefferson, Rock, Green, Iowa or Sauk County
3. Vendors' menu items must be available for retail purchase in one of the above listed counties
4. Vendors' menu items must be reflective of their standard (day-to-day) or catering menu
5. Vendors must provide net daily sales info to Taste of Madison post-event


1. Vendor does not meet requirements listed above
2. Vendor is serving the same style of cuisine as several other Taste of Madison vendors (i.e. if five vendors serve pizza, a sixth may not be deemed beneficial for the event)
3. Vendor owes outstanding fees to Madison Festivals
4. Vendor has had repeated violations from previous Taste of Madison events

*Madison Festivals, Inc. retains the sole right to determine eligibility and participation of vendors.


- Vendors may purchase a single or double space at the event (NO TRIPLE BOOTH SPACES)
- Vendor is permitted only one location on Capitol Square
- Single space* (10'x10') receives a canopy, (3) 20-amp power drops, (3) three tables, (4) four tent weights
- Double space* (10'x20') receives a canopy, (6) 20-amp power drops, (5) five tables, (8) eight tent weights
- We encourage vendors who need additional equipment or power to pre-order before the event
- Vendors who order additional equipment/power on site will be invoiced following the event or have funds withheld from security deposit
- Vendors are responsible for obtaining their own temporary restaurant permit application through the City of Madison Public Health


- Menu items must be 6 oz. or less
- Vendors are prohibited from selling beverages. This includes fresh-squeezed lemonade, juice, water or soda.
- Smoothies are ONLY permitted for smoothie-only vendors. If you are selling a smoothie, you cannot also sell food
- Smoothies must be 12 oz. or less
- The number of smoothie vendors will be strictly limited
- Menu items MUST be priced at $5.00 or less
- Vendors with single* (10'x10') space may serve (3) three menu items per day
- Vendors with double* (10'x20') may serve (6) six items per day
- Vendors may serve additional items at a cost of $100 per item, per day**

*Please note that you are NOT guaranteed space directly behind your booth. Please plan accordingly.
*Single booths are limited to (2) two additional items per day; double booths are limited to (3) three additional items per day

- ALL selected vendors must attend the Mandatory Restaurant Meeting on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 from 11:00am-2:00pm!
- Vendors failing to attend mandatory meeting will:
- Forfeit booth space
- Forfeit security deposit

- Security Deposit
- Vendors must pay a $300 security deposit with their application
- This deposit will be returned if the vendor:
- Is not selected for participation
- Is selected for participation, attends the Mandatory Meeting, follows all event rules and guidelines, and does not incur any additional charges during the event
- The deposit will be forfeited if the vendor:
- Withdraws from the event after June 26
- Does not attend the Mandatory Meeting on July 9
- Violates event Rules and Guidlines

- Booth Fees (does not include $300 deposit)
- Single booth* (10'x10'): $850
- Double booth* (10'x20'): $1,700

1. Any vendor is welcome to apply for a booth in the 2019 Taste of Madison
2. Applications must be received by Tuesday, April 30 at 12 Noon
3. Vendor must submit with the application:
a. $300 security deposit
b. Copy of restaurant/catering menu
4. All applicants will be notified of selection status by May 7, 2019

Vendors who miss the application deadline or apply after booth spaces have been filled will be put on a waiting list. The security deposit will be returned in full to vendors on the waiting list that cannot be accommodated in 2019.

Selected vendors must have all event paperwork and booth fees paid by 5:00pm Tuesday, June 25, 2019 or vendor will forfeit their booth space and security deposit.

Each vendor will receive a Taste of Madison Restaurant Handbook upon selection that includes details regarding set-up, tear down, event procedures and rules & guidelines.

*Please note that you are NOT guaranteed space directly behind your booth. Please plan accordingly.

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