North West Hendricks School Corporation Application for Transfer Enrollment
* Separate application forms must be completed for each child.
* The application deadline for K-8 is May 31, 2018 and September 1, 2018 for grades 9-12. Please refer to the NWHSC website for enrollment capacities at each grade level. Applications received after the above-mentioned deadlines will not be accepted. (Deadline exception exists for students of NWHSC employees.)
* All applications must be completed with accurate information and submitted prior to deadline.
* For incoming first grade through high school students, a letter must be provided from the previous school(s) verifying the discipline and attendance information.
* Specifically assigned bus stops within NWHSC’s district boundaries may be provided to support transfer families. Otherwise, transportation to and from school must be provided by the parent.
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List the first name, last name, and grade level of all transfer-request siblings.
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Discipline (Please choose Yes or No for each of the following questions.): *
In the past 12 months has your child been suspended or expelled for more than 10 school days?
In the past 12 months has your child violated the school district’s drug and alcohol policy?
In the past 12 months has your child had 5 or more unexcused absences?
Have you obtained a letter from your previous school's principal to verify attendance and discipline information?
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