Cedar Mill PTC Budget Surplus Input
The PTC voted at our January meeting to spend our large budget surplus on a project(s) to benefit the school. Please complete the survey below if you have project ideas and/or are interested in joining the committee to make a proposal about spending the surplus.

Thank you! Questions about this survey or the process can go to budgetsurplus@cedarmillptc.org

Question 1a: The budget surplus is $66,000. We would like ideas big and small for how we can use that money to benefit the school (besides paying for staff). What ideas do you have? (Optional) If you have an estimated cost to complete this idea, list it as well.
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Question 1b: If you are willing to be contacted about your idea, please give your name and email:
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Question 2: Are you interested in volunteering for the new Budget Surplus Committee? The task is to narrow the project ideas, determine their budgets, and create a proposal for the PTC. The committee will be comprised of parents, staff, PTC Board members, and Ms. Chamberlain (advisor). If you answer YES or MAYBE, please complete question 2b.
Question 2b: If you answered YES or MAYBE above, please give your name and contact email.
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Thank you for your time! Your responses will help us gather ideas and form the committee. If you have questions, please contact budgetsurplus@cedarmillptc.org.
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