2019 San Francisco Citywide Racial Equity Team
Thank you for your interest. The Human Rights Commission is honored to convene the Citywide Racial Equity Team.

Participation on the Citywide Racial Equity Team is an on-ramp to building infrastructure in your department. Supported by the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) , the HRC works with city employees to create a shared understanding of racial equity, including the history institutional and structural racism in San Francisco and its impact today. We work with departments to create capacity and structure to address stubborn racial disparities in their service areas.

In the first 12 months of the program, city employees will receive:
• A Racial Equity training curriculum,
• A Racial Equity Tool to be used in policy, practice, program and budget decisions,
• A capacity building plan and organizational structure to institutionalize equity within their own jurisdiction,
• Example policies and practices that help advance racial equity,
• Support on developing a Racial Equity Action Plan for their Departments,
• On-going peer to peer consultations with a citywide racial equity team,
•Technical assistance from the Human Rights Commission on implementing racial equity action plans.

After the 12 month deep dive, employees work with the Citywide Racial Equity Team to institutionalize best practices for creating racial equity apply the Racial Equity Tool in their departments, and creating better outcomes for all.

Program Requirements:
24 hours/month (average) for trainings and cohort work
8 hours/month (minimum) to operationalize racial equity work

In total, 20% of participating employee's workload dedicated for racial equity work.

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Your participation on the Citywide Racial Equity Team requires considerable time and courage. We are organized around the core belief that racial equity can be achieved through a shared sense of urgency and priority. Please explain what steps you will take to prioritize this work and what steps your department will take to make progress on racial disparities in its service area. *
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