Keele petition to condemn Israel's massacre of unarmed Palestinians

-Over 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza are protesting for their right to return to the homes they were ethnically cleansed from by Israeli forces.

-The Palestinians’ right to return is enshrined in international law and United Nations resolution 194.

-They are also protesting the illegal siege imposed by Israel which has rendered over 90% of the water in Gaza
“undrinkable” and has triggered a humanitarian crisis, according to human rights organisations.

-Israeli soldiers have killed at least 39 Palestinians in protests so far with over a 4000 more wounded.

-The Israeli Defence Force has admitted to firing over 600 live bullets at unarmed protesters.

-Video footage shows a Palestinian being shot by an Israeli sniper while praying, another video shows a Palestinian being shot while running away from the border fence.

-A journalist reporting on the protests has been killed by an Israeli sniper, despite clearly wearing a protective vest marked “PRESS.”

-The spokesperson for Israel's ruling party has said that all 30,000 unarmed protesters are "legitimate targets."

Sign this petition to express solidarity with Palestinians fighting for their basic human rights, and to condemn the massacre of unarmed protesters!

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