Fred Hamilton Park Revitalization: Special 'Food' Survey
Would you like to see food incorporated into park life? Would you like to eat with your family and friends in the park? Do you want to see the food grown in our community garden eaten in the park? Please share your ideas by responding to this survey. The responses will be incorporated into a report from our community to the city.
How would you like to see food in our park? *
Community Kitchen: Rented by residents
Community Kitchen: Operated by local not-for-profit organization
Snack Bar: Operated in partnership with local grocery store
Snack Bar: Operated by City
Snack Bar: Operated by volunteers & catered by local cafe or bakery
Propane BBQ Rentals
Is there another way you would like to see food incorporated into our park? What else do we need to make eating in the park fun and possible?
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