Gaming Survey

My name is Michelle Zumbrunnen. I'm collecting data for a non-Fiction culture study and guide book for role playing. The book will include a section about Video Gamers, Table Top Gamers and Live Action Role-Players (LARP). If you consider yourself a role-player in any of these categories, I invite you to participate.

The results of this survey will be used for statistical data and research only. It is purely for the use of my book and will not be used for marketing or sales. I am not affiliated with any game company. Most answers are optional, but any information you can provide would be appreciated. No email address or name is required for the survey and your information will remain anonymous.

Please feel free to distribute this survey to other gamers that you know, share it with friends, post the link in gaming forums, etc. I would also appreciate any feedback you have. The last question on the form is for recommendations, but if you'd like to contact me directly, you can do so at

Thank you for your time and contribution.

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