What's your view of Rockingham Forest?
The Rockingham Forest Vision Steering Group was formed just over a year ago and currently consists of Adam Cade, Chris French, Barrie Galpin, Corinne Muir and Jeremy Purseglove. There are some details of our vision on the Friends of Fineshade website: www.fineshade.org.uk/rfv

We are working with several potential partners to submit an application for substantial grant funding, so we are interested in learning your opinions through a few quick questions about your experience of living, working or playing in Rockingham Forest. It shouldn’t take long and the answers will really help to shape the grant application. At the end there is the option to sign up for news and further information. We are most grateful for your time.
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The map below shows the northern part of the historic Rockingham Forest. There is a black line indicating a proposed boundary for the RFVision project. Where do you live? *
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Here are the aims of Rockingham Forest Vision. What three words describe your view of these aims? (Please feel free to comment at greater length if you would like to do so).
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Within the Rockingham Forest area, which recreational activities have you taken part in during the past 3 years? Tick all that apply.
Below are some parts of the Rockingham Forest area that you may have visited. Please indicate how often you have ever been to each one. *
1 to 4 times
5 -20 times
More frequently
Bedford Purlieus National Nature Reserve
Collyweston Great Wood NNR (permit required)
Collyweston Quarries (Wildlife Trust)
Deene House and Gardens
East Carlton Countryside Park
Easton Hornstocks NNR (permit required)
Fermyn Woods Country Park
Fineshade Wood (Forestry England)
Glapthorn Cow Pasture (Wildlife Trust)
Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods, Corby
Kings Wood, Corby (Wildlife Trust)
Kirby Hall (English Heritage)
Millenium Wood, Kings Cliffe (Woodland Trust)
Old Sulehay and Ring Haw (Wildlife Trust)
Short and Southwick Woods (Wildlife Trust)
Southwick Wood (Forestry England)
Wakerley Wood (Forestry England)
Weldon Woodland Park
West Glebe Park, Corby
Here are just some organisations and groups that operate within the Rockingham Forest area. Please indicate all those to which you belong or which you actively support. We'd be particularly interested to know of other active groups in the area,
If in the future it were possible to arrange any of the following, please indicate whether they would be of interest to you or other members of your household.
Great idea! Very keen to be involved
Probably interested if time allows
Possibly - it all depends...
No this is not my sort of thing
Guided walks through woodland or nature reserves
Zoom talks about the history or wildlife of the area
Public talks about the history or wildlife of the area
Visits to farms, estates, quarries etc.
Workshops on wildlife identification
Workshops on woodland skills
Family-focused activities
Training courses for woodland management etc
Clear selection
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your view of Rockingham Forest now and your vision for its future?
Thanks very much indeed for all your answers so far. Please do not feel at all obliged to continue any further if you feel at all uneasy about the following questions. Firstly, your postcode will help us to analyse responses. Please enter it here.
Which of the following best describes your household
Do any members of your household have special needs that make enjoying the forest particularly difficult?
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