Indian Fusion Performance Project with LAMIA BARBARA ❀ Roma Tribal Meeting 2020 ❀ Application Form ❀
>>>> To be sent until February 10th, 2020 <<<<<

LAMIA is an internationally recognized teacher and performer. She has shared the stage with world class dancers around the globe. She is known for her generous teaching style and sharing her passion of movement. Classical Indian Dance and Tribal Fusion are the passions that Lamia will put together in this intensive.

LAMIA is inviting Intermediate/Advanced dancers to take part in her next stage project called “Indian Fusion Performance Project" to be held during Roma Tribal Meeting 2020.

This project aims to deepen the study of Tribal Fusion performance skills and explore the subtle art of fusion. LAMIA will share tips and tricks about her creative process and inspirations, as well as an original choreography to be performed together at the end of the intensive. Join this unique dance experience!

In 4 hours of training with the group of selected dancers, LAMIA will take care of technique, choreographic sequences, improvisation and all the creative process.

The Performance Project will be held on Friday, May 29th, 2020, from 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm (with 30 minutes break) at San Lo' dance studio ( The performance will be on Saturday, May 30th, at the gala Diversity Show at Centrale Preneste Teatro in Rome.

You must arrive at San Lo' dance studio at least 30 minutes before the intensive, and be present during the whole time. You must be available on Saturday afternoon to go with the group to the theatre, rehearse and prepare all together.

We will answer to all candidates by February 20th, 2020.

If accepted, you will be included on a discussion group to talk about music, dance sequences and costuming. It's up to you to provide your own costume following the teachers indications regarding colors and style.

The Performance Project with LAMIA (4 hours) cost is 140 EUR to be transferred entirely by March 1st to San Lo' SSD a RL by bank transfer or Paypal (

Please notice that this value includes NOT ONLY 4 hours of studying with Lamia Barbara, but also comprises:
✔︎ being a part of a discussion group to receive information from Lamia and the organizers before the Meeting;
✔︎ attending for FREE the WS7 "Elements of lighting & stage presence" by Fabio Ciccalè on Saturday, May 30th at Centrale Preneste Teatro from 4.30 to 6.30 pm;
✔︎ performing on a professional stage and receiving for FREE professional photos and video;
✔︎ watching for FREE the second part of Diversity Show;
✔︎ last but not least, being a part of a very cohesive international Tribal Bellydance community based in Rome since 2010.

We really hope to see you at Roma Tribal Meeting!

>>>> Please apply before February 10th, 2020 <<<<<
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