Darbo Community Engagement - Spring Survey 2021
The Darbo Council is an emerging People of Color (POC) group of neighborhood activists in the Darbo Worthington Neighborhood. We are committed to building up our neighborhood and getting more people involved. Right now, the Darbo Council is led by Black women residents who want to hear from you!

The Darbo Council was created to build the capacity of the residents directly in the heart of Darbo, in hopes that these individuals will be more active at future Worthington Park Neighborhood Association meetings and will be able to advocate for themselves and articulate their needs.

We have African American, Latino, Hmong and Gambian residents in the Darbo Worthington Neighborhood. When it comes to planning initiatives and decision making of neighborhood development too often our voices are not heard by decision makers.

The Darbo Council is managing the project in collaboration with Mentoring Positives and the Darbo Pantry Project. We know there’s a broad base of community support for this effort and plan to unite all who can be united to build a stronger, more resilient neighborhood.

The Darbo Council Outreach Project will help build a stronger, healthier, more resilient neighborhood by building networks and responding to people’s real needs. Organizing a strong, inclusive Darbo Council now will ensure residents have a voice and role as neighborhood plans unfold.

We Need Your Feedback!

*This data is collected for a nonprofit organization and will not be shared outside of the Darbo Council and granting organizations. All questions are optional but your responses are important in determining how we can better serve our community.

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